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Our Subjects

Social Science

Our Social Science Classes are one of the most popular in Rohini, Pitampura and Shalimar Bagh.

Students belonging to these zones show their trust and faith in Dr. Nisha Varshney. She’s an eminent teacher at Social Sciences. With over a decade worth of experience at teaching Social Science, you can absolutely get in touch even if you are an absolute beginner at it.

Classes taught: IX, X

Political Science

Political Science is a subject that has loads of points to remember like from the Constitution which is as lengthy as over 399 articles, Preamble, and more.

To study Political Science in a way that you won’t ever have to rote learn the constitution, facts, and figures, then get in touch with us today.

Classes taught: XI, XII, BA, MA


Being a counselor herself, she understands psychology from the ground. Thus, Mrs. Varshney can help you learn and understand psychology from a practitioner’s point of view. Get regular tests, and assignments to understand your topics in depth and score brilliant marks..

Classes taught: XI, XII, BA, MA



The science of understanding and learning the types of rocks, soil, air, water, and salinity is very tricky.

Geography is one such subject that needs a lot of sense to be understood. Therefore, Mrs. Nisha Varshney helps you learn Geography with her vast experience at it.

Classes taught: XI, XII


History could become one of your most favorite subjects if you learn it with the right approach. Mrs. Nisha Varshney understands the importance this subject can play for you in your future. Thus, with regular short tests, quizzes, and fun activities in the class, you can ensure that you won’t ever struggle to remember the dates, names or places again.

Classes taught: XI, XII



If you are really dedicated to your studies, then Sociology could be one of your best investments in your life. Sociology is one of the most opted subjects by the UPSC aspirants.

So, if you are also looking to sit in the UPSC exams in your upcoming years, then you should get our coaching as it will lay a proper foundation which you would need in the later years of your life.

Classes taught: XI, XII